Tracking Club of Victoria

The Old Gold Cup was donated to the club by Denis Cody in memory of his Labrador Retriever “Cadbury”.  This trophy is awarded each year to one of our senior tracking dogs. 

Points are awarded according to your dog’s age and the grade achieved for your track.  An EXCELLENT pass is equal to 4 points, a VERY GOOD pass 3 points, a GOOD pass 2 points, and a PASS 1 point.  Additional points are allocated according to your dog’s age at the time the pass was attained;  dogs aged seven (7) years but not eight (8) years will be awarded no extra points;  eight (8) years but not nine (9) years, one extra point.  Each additional year of age is awarded an extra point.  If a tie occurs a count back system will be used on the most excellent passes received, followed by the most very good passes, etc.

Members must submit a copy of their qualification certificates and a copy of your dog’s registration certificate (to confirm your dog’s date of birth) with their application. 

Eligible qualifying certificates are from the current calendar year only.  To be eligible to apply for this trophy the owner must be a financial member of the Club at the time of gaining the passes and at the time of presentations.

The member winning the award will receive a plaque to keep and the Old Gold Cup will be held by the Club and engraved with the winning team’s details (owner and dog).

Please complete the Old Gold Cup application form and email to


Old Gold Cup